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Belgium's PREMIER

Pink Floyd tribute band


Floyd MATTERS is not just another tribute cover band… It’s a genuine project; a true outlet, straight from the heart, an international collective with, amongst others, a select group of Belgium’s finest musicians in it. Every one of them an extremely talented professional, not instantly recognizable by the general public because of their 100% supporting role to the shining stars of pop, rock and showbiz… but on the ball in every sense of the word. 

They’ve played world renowned festivals and venues like Sportpaleis (Antwerp), Blue Note Jazz Festival, and Night of the Proms; recorded and/or performed with Belgian ‘A-listers’ of both national ànd international acclaim like Soulsister, Zap Mama, Vaya Con Dios, Milow, Praga Khan, Rocco Granata, Salvatore Adamo, and Arno Hintjens; as well as with international megastars such as John Miles, Johnny Logan, Leo Sayer, Jill Scott, Andreas Gaudmann, En Vogue, Sister Sledge, Mink DeVille, The Pointer Sisters, Anastacia, Chaka Kahn, – yep!Ray Charles, – and yep! againJames Brown. So if you ask yourself, "Who is it that actually makes all these great stars sound so good?! " well then, here is part of your answer.

All of these musicians have done the milage, paid their dues and collected an impressive array of musical scalps along the way. So they are 100% ready and able to reach out and touch that true spirit of PINK FLOYD – Britain’s most progressive & groundbreaking rock band ever. With a career portfolio that is both gigantic ànd impressive; consisting of conceptual work, experimental sounds as well as classics & worldwide hits – all equally relevant, defining and moving. And on top of that, Pink Floyd defined a whole generation. In fact, one can even argue Pink Floyd have defined subsequent generations since and ongoing as we speak!

…So there you have it. Exactly what Floyd MATTERS needs to be. A lot of bases have to be covered, in order to honestly recreate the Pink Floyd sound & vision the way it should… ànd they’re all equally important.

Therefore let’s make this nót just a tribute act; let’s make this a real event.

A spiritual performance; a musical showcase of the soul.

And you can take that as an inherent promise; because “Floyd MATTERS!!”

Floyd MATTERS line-up  from 2024:

guitar & vocals

lead vocals






bass & vocals

sax, guitar & vocals





Dunja MEES




Henri YLEN

Need to know more?

If you want to see some videos of this band performing, go to the “ audio & video ”  page.


See some ‘on stage ’ pictures (by Jive & Kultfunk ) at the “ foto’spage.


If you’d like to have a more detailed biography of each band member in English, please ask for that via the contact form here beneath. (For the Flemish version, you can always check the “ omtrent de band page here.)


Follow Floyd MATTERS closely, and check when they’re in town (or nearby where you live) by clicking the

optredens button in the header menu.


 And last but not least: if you want to BOOK  Floyd MATTERS, and/or have specific questions for or about the band: send us a MAIL !


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